5 Relaxing Waterpark Activities For People Who Don’t Like Slides

Waterparks often feature thrilling slides and intense rides. No matter what your reason is, sometimes a person just wants to relax, enjoy the warm weather, and take a short dip in the pool. A waterpark can offer all these elements too. There are multiple ways to get the full value of a water park even if you're interested in the big slides and attractions.

The following five activities are featured at most waterparks. They eliminate the speed and height found on other rides. Choosing these options can really enhance your relaxation for the trip. It's a great way for families to enjoy the waterpark at the same time.

Lazy River

The ultimate form of relaxation at a waterpark is found on the lazy river. The lazy river sounds exactly how it is implied. A soft current drives guests around a long river trail. When laying on a tube, you will be glided along the river. The sides are often surrounded by all types of scenery like trees and plants.

Along with the natural flow, extras are often added to a lazy river. This includes mist sprays, little waterfalls, and split paths that can take you down different parts of the river. Some waterparks will even let you go around the river multiple times depending on the crowds at the park that day.

Splash Pads

Get some water excitement without the heights, thrills, or intensity found on other rides. Take a nice stroll through a water park splash pad. The bottom of a splash pad often features soft surfaces so you can walk across comfortably in just your bare feet. Small nozzles squirt out water, provide mist, and can be activated with just a push of a button.

Large shower head-like sprayers can help soak your body and create additional parts of the splash pad to walk under.

Wave Pools

The deep end of a wave pool features large waves and constant motion. You can experience the tamer side of things by staying and relaxing in the shallow end. By sitting in the shallow end, you can let the smaller waves glide into your body and enjoy the replication of an ocean experience. Staying in the shallow end will also help you avoid most of the crowds as people gather to experience the bigger waves.

Lounge Areas

You can enjoy the waterpark without having to go in the water or on any attractions at all. Large lounging areas give you a lot of different options for relaxing and enjoying the sights of a waterpark.

  • Poolside Lounge Chairs: Sit right by the water, enjoying the sun, and sounds of the pool. These are open chairs that can help you work on your tan, makes it easy to read a book, or you can easily lay out with other friends.
  • Shaded Lounge Chairs: Stay out of the sun by finding lounge chairs or tables with shaded umbrellas. These are ideal for extremely hot days.
  • Full-Service Lounge Areas: Rent a lounge chair that comes with full-service options. This includes drink services, food delivery, and extras like fresh towels. Along with the chair rentals, a full cabana rental may be available.

Waterfall Pools

A lot of waterparks feature general swimming areas with a few design upgrades. For pools with small waterfalls, you can find the ultimate relaxation spot. Wading out towards the waterfalls, it's an awesome experience to go under and behind a waterfall. Often there are openings that feel like small caves.

The water is shallow enough so you can sit, relax, and view the endless drop of the waterfall waters. This type of area is also a very romantic spot for a couple to enjoy together. These spots are often small, so it's important to be aware of other swimmers that are looking to enjoy the area too.

Check out your local waterpark to see the variety of different options that are available. There are plenty of ways to relax and enjoy the whole day.