Choosing The Right Size Anchor

Owning a small cruising vessel can be a great way to enjoy the open water. In order to ensure that your excursions remain safe, you will need to invest in an anchor that is capable of holding your boat securely in place. Anchors come in a variety of weights and sizes, and selecting the right anchor for your boat is critical. Be sure that you take your boat's unique features into consideration when purchasing a new anchor to ensure maximum safety and holding power.

Take into account your boat's freeboard.

Two boats that are the same length may not be created equal. You can't consider length alone when selecting an anchor for your vessel. Another important consideration that you must factor into your decision is the freeboard of your boat. The freeboard is the measurement of your boat's deck to the waterline. A boat with a high freeboard will tend to yaw from side to side when at anchor. This will require a heavier and more durable anchor to keep the boat in place.

A vessel with a low freeboard will have a tendency to stay put, reducing the amount of strain placed on an anchor. A smaller anchor may be sufficient for a boat with a low freeboard.

Consider your boat's weight.

In addition to the length of your vessel, you need to factor in the boat's displacement (or weight) when selecting a new anchor. A shorter sailboat will have a higher displacement than cruising boat of the same measurement. The sail mast and traditional full keel of a sailboat add weight to the vessel. The higher the weight of your boat, the more durable an anchor you will need to keep your vessel securely in place when the anchor is dropped.

Always carry two anchors.

To maximize the safety of everyone on board your boat, you need to carry two anchors at all times. A traditional anchor can be used to hold your boat in place while settling in for the night or enjoying an afternoon swim. A heavier and more secure anchor is needed to help your boat withstand the force of a storm. Storm anchors are specifically designed to keep your boat securely in place despite the size of the waves or the force of the wind.

Make your boat more secure by factoring in your vessel's unique features before investing in new anchors in the future. For more information, contact your local ultra anchor supplier.