Why Port And Starboard Fishing Rod Storage Is Important In A Boat

There are likely many details that you'll carefully go over when you're shopping for a fishing boat, but fishing rod storage might not be atop this list. While there's no disputing that there are bigger factors that will influence whether or not you purchase a boat, you shouldn't overlook the importance of assessing the rod storage situation. Some fishing boats have a long storage compartment where you can lay a few rods when you don't need them. Other boats have storage on both of the port and starboard sides, which offers more advantages than you might realize. Here are some reasons that port and starboard storage is important.

It Prevents Tangles

It's common to get your fishing rod ready to go before you hit the water, which means putting a lure or a hook on it and then setting it aside while you ride to your preferred fishing area. If you have a number of rods — perhaps one or more for each person in the boat — piled in one storage space, the likelihood of the rods getting tangled together is high. The hook from one rod's lure can often catch on the line of another rod, leaving you with a mess. Port and starboard rod storage allows you to reduce the number of rods in each storage space. In some scenarios, you might have just one rod in each storage compartment — thus eliminating the risk of tangles.

It Avoids Rocking The Boat

If you have a storage compartment on one side of the boat, there's a possibility of your passengers rocking the boat when they're ready to fish. For example, if some of these people are new to boating, they might all walk to the side of the boat to retrieve their rods at the same time — causing the boat to rock heavily because of the uneven weight distribution. Port and starboard storage means that people will be focused on each side of the boat, preventing it from rocking dangerously.

It Improves Ease

Whenever you're out fishing, you want things to go as easily as possible. If you have a passenger sitting on each side of the boat, it's easy for him or her to reach over and retrieve a fishing rod from the port or starboard storage compartment. With only one storage compartment, you could get into a situation of one person attempting to pass another person's rod to him or her, but fumbling with it awkwardly. You'll find that this idea of dual storage simply makes everything easier.

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